About the Journey and Meet the Guide!

The 2024 Intensive Wholeness Journey is designed for people who would like to experience transformation in their lives.

Imagine starting the new year with a group of people who are committed to journey alongside of you for an entire year...

A New Life Awaits, Join Us!

Join a group of people who will be accompanying each other through 2024 towards transformative living. The group is designed to meet once a month starting April of 2024. Date and Time of meeting will be announced based on the collective need of the group.


April 2024 Cohort (Filled- Closed)

October 2024 Cohort (Open)

Topics Overview, Dates and Times Pending Per Group

  1. The Science of Brain and Body Connection: Assessment and Goal Setting (April)
  2. The Pillars of Health: The Science and Practice of Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise and Meditation (May)
  3. Mental, Emotional and Psychological Training for Resilience (June )
  4. Vocation, Purpose.. Where are you going? (July)
  5. Building Habits for Life: The Science and Practice of Habit Building, Rewiring Brain Patterns and Pathways (August)
  6. All Things Boundaries, Communication, and Conflict Resolution (September)
  7. Relationships: The Science of Trust, We, and Healthy Relationships (October)
  8. Financial Health (November)
  9. Exploring Family History (December)
  10. A look at Childhood Trauma /Experiences (January)
  11. Looking at Grief, Loss, and the Reality of Death (February)
  12. Personal Mythmaking- Creating a Meaningful Life Narrative, Moral Compass (March)
  13. Telling our Stories, Looking at a Life of Altruism (April)

Before Your Journey Begins...

Please fill out the information below and I will contact you for a free consultation about the group.

Frequently Asked Questions and Important Facts:

-Each wellness group begins meeting April of 2024 for 90 minutes to 2 hours over Zoom

-Date and Time to be announced based on the collective need of the group.

-There are 12 total monthly meetings from April 2024 to March 2025.

-Members are encouraged but not required to attend the meetings. The teaching portions will be recorded to send to participants for at-home use.

-Participants will have accompanying workbooks as guides for practice and habit building.

-This is not a therapy group but an intensive wellness fellowship that is designed to go deep and wide.

-Confidentiality, mutual respect, and group guidelines will be set for the benefit of the group.

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The Story: Accompaniment

Life is meant to be lived side by side with others, a metaphorical camping without tents, for months, with all the mess for everyone to see.. its scary and it is so liberating.

We live in the most "connected" society known to mankind and yet, the loneliness epidemic is more evident today than ever before.

Humans are made to thrive in community, in long term accompaniment.

To accompany one another is to move towards the aim of transformation together, side by side... carrying each other with our presence, like Sam and Frodo in the Lord of the Rings.. We do not carry each others burdens, we carry each other... by showing up, by cheering on, by sharing our stories, by sharing our struggles and successes, by lending our ears, our hearts...

If you crave transformation... if you want to take a risk and join a fellowship of humans.. this group is for you.